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Which country would you like to be in now?

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I looked at the answers. The answer is definitely not Swiss. Something like no young population. Very frank country. Okay, nobody has a problem with everyone, everyone’s head is comfortable, but we are young.

It may be Australia, but it is unnecessarily hot. I’m a cold person.

The best place for me is Stockholm. Okay, thank you. You’re getting used to it a month later. Also nice people and young population ratio is very good. To worry about the climate is very uninhibited, because the house is hot, the places you go are very hot. It’s just cold outside. E there is a car, there is a tunnel …

Taxes are a bit of a problem, but no matter what a city to live. The library is sufficient alone.

I think America is not a place to live, except for some regions.

Without Stockholm, Barcelona is a city that can be overpriced. Water 1 €, beer 0.90 €. Ask for something that they call cheap than water …

Reply 1 :Abroad

Answer: Does he have reason Would not you do the same job in Turkey I can not do. 
I have not accepted turkiyede features unaddressed .
What features if not special.

Reply 2 :Geography is destiny. Canada Norway Cuba

Reply 3 :I would prefer abroad if I knew I would find a job

Reply 4 :I would like to abroad but for a while.

Reply 5 :Because in my field, unfortunately there is almost no purchase in the country so

Reply 6 :”New Zealand”, the best among the countries I have visited and researched, is a wonderful country where the civilization where you can live in four seasons with high income and education level is at the top, but it does not accept immigrants etc …

Reply 7 :Except Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia and I have been in the Netherlands.

The most beautiful country was in Holland.

According to the features you have given, Norway (undergraduate education is 3 years and free)

, Sweden, Iceland, Malaysia, the most developed Muslim country in the world, are

Lichtehyn and island countries. In terms of national income, it should be preferred in terms of few people,

Germany, France, Europe or something.

Reply 8 :I think the link is here. It is very green. It is very rich in history. It is a quiet country.

Reply 9 :All in one. The country with the highest national income was Luxembourg, Norway or what it is. Norwegian ice is already the place.

I am old patriarchal cult of patriarchal monogami poligami ahaha: D 🙂

Reply 10 :ilgilendgm years since the issue in the face barii..kana and she responds norvec..b not have a lot of advantages with Turkey in comparable countries. I did not read the answers exactly, but I took a look. No turkey on like there’s no yazmisiniz ok i love my country too but i need to be objective.

Reply 11 :Turkey has the honor concept, at least my değişmem.. properly when done correctly.

Reply 12 :Economically philippines, canada eh here, australia.

It is good in terms of social rights, in terms of England and its proximity. It is also necessary to do market research. In foreign countries, life is not pink now, but if you say social rights, Germany and England are good. they find and feel comfortable. Those who have a technical profession can think about living abroad. They also find a job in America.

Additional note: I would recommend a vigilante tactic to friends who want to get a visa: it is easy to get a visa to France and France compared to some countries such as America, Germany etc.

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