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How to Change DNS? – Fastest DNS Addresses (2020)

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DNS is known as the Turkish Domain Name System. You can also login to Telecommunication-disabled sites using DNS addresses. In addition, the internet can be accelerated.

Social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram can sometimes be banned when important situations occur. You cannot access these networks in any way when access to the Internet is interrupted. People who want to access these networks can access the sites by changing their DNS addresses.

DNS addresses also contribute to speeding up internet speed and relax the network. Many banned sites can also be logged in with DNS. With DNSs, it can enter all banned sites and when social networks are slowed, this slowness can be prevented.

You can learn the fastest DNS addresses from the list below:

Level3 DNS: –
OpenDNS: –
Yandex DNS: -
Google DNS: –
Comodo DNS: –
Norton DNS: –
DNS.Watch: –
How to change DNS on Android phones?

You can use VPN programs to access banned sites on Android phones. How to Enter Android Banned Sites if you want ? You can change DNS and enter banned sites with your android phone by reviewing our OperaVPN article.

All you have to do is enter our article and change DNS with OperaVPN application.

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