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Do you prefer to work abroad or in your country?

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Where would you prefer if they offered you an option?

Reply 1: Depending on which country it is, I work in Italy but frankly I would like to work in one of the Northern European countries.

Reply 2:Even if my funeral was dead after I died, my degree of response was evident.)

Reply 3:Norway or Sweden are comfortable and you have a very good level and more money by eating turkey and I’d like handsome men happy land of dreams but still continue to unhappiness nothing to do’re staying in Turkey

Reply 4:I have a plan to study abroad for up to 4 years, but then I want to go back to my country and work

Reply 5:Normally I am currently working abroad I should’ve stayed in Turkey

Reply 6:Exactly

Reply 7:I worked out that if the chance to win 4/5 solid gains in Turkey.

Reply 8:In these circumstances, one can chose to Turkey

Reply 9:I am against working 

Reply 10:Abroad

Reply 11:I’m studying mechanical engineering so I would say Germany¬†

Reply 12:I love my country but the justice system in my country does not satisfy me.

Reply 13:Geography is destiny friend .. don’t drag us into utopian dreams in the evening …

Reply 14:In fact, it will be easier and more comfortable to work in your own country, but your salary abroad will be better.

Reply 15:I didn’t see any convenience in tr

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